Getting Ready for Dare ProtoPlay

Posted on in Showcasing To-Tum

This weekend, we will be bringing To-Tum to a special place for the team, Dundee. Dundee is where our crazy game development journey began together, dressing up in Snorkels (check out our Facebook Page for these beauties) and standing together on the steps of Caird Hall at the start of the Dare to be Digital Competition.

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One year on, and still working together as a team, Steven will be showing our game to the general public again, but this time we will be alongside the other independent developers inside the great hall. It is going to be a weekend of dejavu, and some fond memories, but it will be great knowing we are not going to have to fix the game in between plays (we hope!) this time around.

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If you would like to read up more about our last time at Dare Protoplay, as one of the Dare teams, our development blog can be found here.

We will update you on how the visit all went next week!

Thanks for reading, and maybe see you at the show!

Team ii :-)