To-Tum is a 3D spatial puzzle game for mobile devices that challenges the player to navigate through 3D mazes and discover the audio-visual world of To-Tum!

Signup for To-Tum Beta here.

To-Tum’s USP is that it combines puzzling and reasoning with a more tactile game playing experience, using touch gestures to manipulate the world of the game. We want to tap into the appeal of tactile physical puzzle games, such as the familiar Rubik’s Cube and 3D Puzzle Balls, and deliver it in a digital, convenient format.


To-Tum is a premium game, with 45 levels of content at launch, with plans for an additional 9 levels post launch!

To-Tum will have a short beta period on Android before full release, starting March 2016. Signups for To-Tum Beta are available here.

To-Tum is expected to release for iOS and Android in 2016!